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Free Your Inbox is the easiest way to reach inbox zero.
Whether you want to get rid of your subscriptions, prevent spams and scams to enter your inbox or quickly set up personal rules, Free Your Inbox is here to help you to manage your emails without efforts in no time.

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We block spams, scams and subscriptions which contaminate your inbox. One click is enough to get definitively rid of them or to authorize them to enter your inbox. We learn from every moves you make to ensure you spend less and less time on your emails.
Your inbox is cleaner and safer than ever.

Your Inbox, your rules

You are one click away from easy rules and filters setting up. Because your Inbox is your piece of art, we help you to simply set up rules that allow you to find and sort out the emails that import you the most. Cleaner, safer and better organized, this is your future inbox.


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